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Event Calendar: All Holidays Under Control.

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The Birthdays: Event Calendar app will forever rid the user of worries about a forgotten anniversary and will organize all events.

Recalling an important date can be very difficult. An active, modern person is constantly caught in the whirlwind of events: work meetings, communication with family and friends, dedicating time to hobbies and sports, and active leisure. All this can push that very important event out of memory, creating considerable discomfort and a feeling of awkwardness.

Comparison between Phone Calendar and Event Calendar Application

“Everything new is well-forgotten old.” So, the “Event Calendar” is a more functional and modern reinterpretation of the standard calendar found on every phone model. Why do we need another app if we can just use the calendar? 

Differences between the Event Calendar App and the Phone Calendar

  • Greeting card and GIF bank: A regular calendar can hardly help you save time searching for a greeting card. The “Event Calendar” has images for any celebration: March 8, Victory Day, anniversaries, birthdays, and many other festivities.
  • Greeting bank in poetry and prose. In the app, you can find text for every festive occasion. A funny greeting for a friend or an official greeting for a colleague or boss can be found with just a few taps.
  • Convenient planner. In the app, you can separate events into groups, create, for example, two folders “family” and “work,” and track in real-time the number of days as a countdown to event X. 
  • Synchronization with messengers. There is no need to copy text and save a card on your phone. Create and send a greeting directly from the app to any messenger or social network.
  • Notes and control. The app has a comfortable notes field where you can record gift ideas, interesting quotes to use in your congratulatory text, and other ideas and plans.
  • Additional features. The app has an additional function that can make an ordinary day festive – the “What holiday is today” feature. With this feature, you can both lighten the atmosphere and find a reason to create a spontaneous, small celebration for yourself.

The list of differences proves that the “Event Calendar” significantly expands the possibilities for planning holidays and memorable dates. Undoubtedly, a regular calendar can remind you of an important event, but it won’t save precious time when searching for a good greeting.

A Modern Interface and Its Impact on User Trust.

The main difference of the “Event Calendar” is its maximally minimalistic and concise interface. The application has a convenient widget that displays a reminder on the main screen of the phone, stylishly and unobtrusively reminding you of an important date.

Most good and useful applications do not find the proper response from consumers due to the uncomfortable placement of functional buttons, an abundance of text, and overly loud colors that tire the user. 

When creating the “Event Calendar” app, we were guided by color psychology, choosing comfortable and relaxing shades that reduced stress levels. Moreover, the application is designed in such a way that the user intuitively understands how to work with the app without an introductory training period.

A modern and user-friendly interface gives the user a sense of comfort, and accordingly, when working with the application is extremely clear, the user’s trust increases.

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